We turbocharge your human live-chat workforce

Conversation AI-as-a-service to boost agent capacity and agility.

AI raises the bar

Free your agents to do what humans do best: provide high quality, sensitive communication.
Satellite Dish

Reach more customers

Increase capacity by boosting agent concurrency.

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Understand them

Converse with end users on their own terms.

Adapt to them

Turn on a dime: train, customize, evolve with agility.

Purpose Built AI Platform



Our platform's natural-language understanding (NLU) stack precisely interprets similarly worded sentences that have very different meaning.

Chat bubbles

Rich Conversational Skills builds trust with the user by picking up facts about situations, clues about goals, and conversational state.

Artificial Intelligence

Inference Engine

The system can "read between the lines", identifying needs that the user may not know to express directly.

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Easy Integration

The platform integrates with a broad range of messaging channels and systems. It takes advantage of each channel's unique strengths.



Our platform can respect sophisticated customization rules about wording and behavior, freeing your agents to focus on the conversation.

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Human Agent Workflow integrates seamlessly into your human agents' workflow. They will feel supported in what they do best.